How much does it cost to hire BRO? - We can cater the bands size to your unique needs and budget.  From a solo Acoustic ambiance, a Jazz trio or a 5-10 piece band,  BRO will work with you to get just the right sized band for your event. Call us and we will go the extra mile to be sure you get personalized, expert guidance in choosing the right entertainment for your event.below.

My friends raved about BRO after seeing you at a recent event. They highly recommended the band. Will we get the same band they saw and loved? - In most cases YES. But we do customize the band for every event. The core of the band remains the same, but for example, we do add on a full horn section for some events. At times we trim the band a little to help you keep on budget while still providing fantastic live  entertainment. We know that your event is a special day and we want to make sure you get the right band for the size of your party, venue and entertainment wishes. Call us and we will be happy to LISTEN to your needs, and explain all the options we can provide for your event.


Half our family loves the idea of a live band and half loves the idea of DJ. What do we do? -   You hire BRO and we bring the Band AND a DJ. We have excellent relationships with several fantastic DJ's who love working with us.  The best of both worlds and it won't break the bank because we work out a special deal with the DJ for you.  The Band and DJ work together to give your guests a full complimentary experience of both styles of entertainment.